Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"nothing short of awful"

a cloud over any big-spending promises planned for the campaign

The moths and cobwebs are to be exposed to strong sunlight as the PREFU is tabled later today. No doubt will be a deteriorating revelation of epic proportion.

Labour's savings plan ... "fairly big bikkies" ... to include an element of compulsion ... with a greater tax take from a new top rate of income tax and a capital gains tax.
As usual some would be thieves want to offer large bribes for votes.

Others call the real state of play.

New Zealand consumers had been distracted from a deteriorating world economy

If we hadn't had the Rugby World Cup, ... it's helped deflect attention away from some pretty significant developments

the global scene has been nothing short of awful

The RWC party is over. Global economies have tanked since you started your ultra-expensive partying on the taxpayer's dime. Now you have to pay.

Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho! It back to work we go for the lemmings.

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