Thursday, October 20, 2011

Manawatu Gorge closed for a little longer?

``It's just what we didn't need,'' Tararua Mayor Roly Ellis said. ``It's been closed roughly 60 days now, so people are getting quite frustrated.''

``The productivity between Palmerston North and the Port of Napier is crucial and I think adding a few passing bays and other alterations will make this [Saddle] road much more useable.''

Since Monday, about 20,000 cuM longer?


Inventory2 said...

It's always been a bastard of a road that latest drop is one heck of a slip. Maybe it's time for a tunnel from the Aokautere side to Ballance.

PM of NZ said...

Overdue Inv2!

The worst thing is that they've spent the last 60 days trucking the crap out of the gorge. Why they don't just push it over the side is beyond me. I'd daresay with the downpours we had on the eastern side yesterday 'arvo, most of that spoil would be at PN by now.

Mort said...

If there were no road there and the hillside slipped, the dirt would end up in the river anyway. So which moron at Horizons is forcing them to cart the stuff away?

Anonymous said...

what is the parliamentary candidates saying . they are saying nothing because they know the truth would wreck their political future .