Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just a question...

taxpayers may have to pay for part of the salvage and clean-up

Since the insurance for Rena is apparently capped at $14M and Smile and Wave is lining up to mop up any excess for cleanup costs from my wallet, I have a question.

From what I've seen on telly, all that oil seems to be beached on sand regularly washed by tides. On beaches with customary rights and under guardianship by a select group as we are often reminded.

Since Key with his homosexual cohort Finlayson have been in recent times ready to buy native votes by pandering to separatists with taxpayer funded ToW largesse, particularly through endorsing the giving away of the foreshore and seabed, maybe those same select groups will be ready to stump up for the cleanup costs of
the foreshore and seabed below the highwater mark?


mawm said...

Heh, heh! It's a one-way street, bro.

The question I ask is "Why do I have to pay for people who are under-insured or who have not done due diligence when buying a house, etc, especially when I have paid up front to do so myself?

The Rena has capped its insurance at $14m…so what? The company that owns, operates or hires the boat must make up the difference. It might have to sell off assets, declare bankrupcy, etc….just as I would have to if I had to pay off a large claim against me.

It looks like Key has not found a cause that he isn't prepared to write a cheque for…. with public money.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What a wonderful idea!

Helloooo Hone! Hellooooooooo


KG said...

You don't get it, PM--whitey's job is to pay, brownies is to receive.

Anonymous said...

You turned an oil spill into an opportunity to sneer at the gayers and the horis! What class! Surely you can claim the trifecta and slag off women as well. Go on, you know you can!

PM of NZ said...

Anon, there's no such thing as gayers. No point in dressing up the truth trying to hide facts, homosexual is the correct term and will always be.

Anonymous said...

Your point being?

And what do you mean cohort? Did you mean consort? If so you got that wrong too. English is tough when you're a wee bit thick eh?

PM of NZ said...

Nothing wrong with my England, Anon.

ZenTiger said...

cohort .. accomplice... and in cheque writing, Finlayson has written a few big ones lately.