Saturday, October 15, 2011

Left hand down a bit...

they've made radar contact and they know the pilot's boarding position is close to it [the beacon]. They've changed course to go to the beacon

So the buggers took a shortcut.
From when they started to alter course they had at least an hour to recognise the hazard and it would have been staring them in the face on their chart

Never looked at the charts. Inside one hour, grounded 45,000 tonnes of ship at 17 knots.

Not the fault of the government, Smile and Wave, flags of convenience or deep sea drillers.

Just some bastard officer of the watch looking to get into port early.


Andrei said...

Anyone can screw up PM, aint got nothing to do with flags of convenience or Filippino crews.

Remember the Mikhail Lermontov? It was a New Zealand Pilot who tried to sail it through a gap it couldn't go through and sunk it.

Mind you we had a Labour Prime Minister back then so by definition it wasn't his fault

PM of NZ said...

Yep, Andrei. The 'all boxes ticked' NZ Rail MV Wahine disaster should have never occurred if one would believe the current bleating from the unions about flags of convenience and the lack of NZ seamen onboard.

This disaster looks like a shortcut cockup of the highest order.

Odd how this sort of stuff is leaked 10 days after the event mid-weekend. Key looking to relieve pressure on his ratings slide?