Monday, October 24, 2011

Sickening tourism at The Mount

a spur-of-the-moment thing

Like politicians that need to be seen scooping oil in their Sunday best finery, another lunchtime legend plumbs the sickening depths of disaster tourism at The Mount.


Andrei said...

It's all ferkin theater PM, my friend.

On my TV I see gumbooted, white overall and rubber gloved clad vounteers labouring under an azure sky on a white sanded bead scouring under the sand for sheep pellet sized hunks of oil now weathered to hard tar.

And what does this all toil produce? A few handfulls of these tarry sheep pellets displayed proudly before the camera carefully contained in a sieve.

And after all this labour on the beech a thorough decontamination for all - lest a molecule of oil escape the beech and make its way into populated areas.

PM of NZ said...

Exactly Andrei.

Asphalt = "hunks of oil now weathered to hard tar"