Tuesday, October 04, 2011

One down, hundreds to go

The architect of the much hated and expensive One Plan Greg Carlyon has suddenly recently resigned from Horizons. Councillors are under notice not to blab to media about their ex-head of regulatory and policy. Though, probably will be in for an obscene amount of ratepayer largesse upon the final handshake.

Wonder what he did? Probably scared of Nick smith's mooted inquiry into why PN Council can keep discharging truckloads of raw sewage into the Manawatu sewer.
Without any repercussions from Horizons. Wonder if a kickback is to surface soon?

Most farmers in the region probably already had scratched him from their Christmas card lists and will not miss him crusading with his One Plan.

One down, unfortunately there are hundreds of shiny bums tarred with the same brush of fervent green zealotry ready to keep his chair warm.

notice sourced from the latest Rural News, not online.


Mort said...

ass bandits are the worst polluters in the region, and they have the temerity to fine farmers for discharging effluent in quantities/ concentrations which are minuscule in comparison; worm rooters the lot of em

Anonymous said...

And in Hawkes Bay the head of the Environmental Management section recently left.He seems to have left a trail of destruction as well.
His job has been filled by an ex Fish and Game manager which raises further questions.