Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update: Caught red-handed, change subject and fling muck

Insurance companies which stood to gain from the privatisation of ACC could have made donations to National's election campaign and no one would ever know, Labour MP David Parker said in Parliament today.

Liarbour caught donkey deep with fraudulent polling over the weekend uses the oldest trick in the book to ease the pressure.
I can never prove that they were, but it is wrong for our democracy to be tainted by that accusation

Fling some muck straight back on a different topic. Liarbour politicians plumbing the depths yet again.

I do wonder how long the fraudulent polling has been going on. Probably years.

A promotion for a television show featuring Finance Minister Bill English could be mistaken for a party political broadcast

Liarbour continues flinging muck.
I am sure that if the Labour Party had had something important to say, it would have been equally welcome to participate

Mr English gives some back.

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