Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More horse trading down at the corral

the Maori Party had offered to back the reforms

One does really wonder how much did that cost? The foreshore plus 100 metres? Or 100Km?

The only reason that the separatists cave in on such trading matters at the corral is that they have been offered a bigger slab of horse-flesh elsewhere. Mark my words.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, what the hell do you expect? That's politics.

PM of NZ said...

Bit touchy today, Adolf?

Lucy said...


pdm said...

PM - how far is Dannevirke from Herbertville - 40ks approx?

Watch out!

PM of NZ said...

pdm I think the sign says 66Km via the Weber Road at the Red Shed opposite the BP.

Nice day for the beach.

PM of NZ said...

pdm, Also - sealed all the way, bit hilly from Weber to Wimbledon if you're towing anything. About an hour from town - HBville is the nearest beach (5km of white sand surf). Porangahau (15km of white sand) is 85Km (1.5 hrs) from Dvke via Weber, Akitio (1.5hrs) is 75km via Weber.


pdm said...

pm - my concern was that Dannevirke might be included as part of the foreshore.

I know the road as I have driven it a few times.

By the way is it now all sealed from Wimbledon to Porangahau?

PM of NZ said...

Pretty sure it is all sealed that way - normally go to Porangahau via Takapau / Hatuma or Waipukurau - easier road.

pdm said...

I had some clients at Herbertville a few years ago, actually did a seminar in the pub. Used to travel from Waipawa via Porangahau and the metal was gradually reducing.

Last time I was near Weber was about 18 months ago and I came back from Makuri that way after going out from Mangatainoka.

I played cricket at Pongaroa once in the mid 1960's.