Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update: MMP Gone by lunchtime?

Justice Minister Simon Power will make an announcement about a referendum on the MMP electoral system today

One can only hope!


Not quite by lunchtime, FPP for 2017.


KG said...

Something very strange happened to the Herald poll on this today. Early this morning people were overwhelmingly in favour of dumping MMP, yet this afternoon the positions have reversed.
Could it be that the Labour party supporters got to their office computers in Wellington around the time of the huge swing?

Christian Lass said...

It's such a slow process isn't it, first a referendum on voting system, and only then may the system actually be changed. We have been lumbered with MMP long enough, and should not have to wait for 2017 for a decent electoral system. Good on National for holding the referendum, but can't it all be sped up? I am fed up with MMP and its undemocratic,fractitious slant.