Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tax, tax and again, yet more tax

As the hand wringers argue back and forth about a CGT and speak at great length about the pros and cons of raising Grab Snatch and Take, I do wonder if the priorities are totally wrong.
able to continue to deliver the revenue needed to fund what we have come to expect from the state.

Always about raising the take, never lowering it.

A brutal weaning from the state handout would be far better to all concerned.

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ZenTiger said...

It's a joke that we got GST pushed in on the basis that the top rate would be lowered to 30%.

It was, but a few years later the GST rate went to 12.5% and then Labour took the top tax rate up to 33% and 39%.

So here we go again. They promise to lower the top income tax rates to 30% so the GST can go to 15%.

Yeah right.

And on top of that, the suggestion of additional land taxes (because they are payable every year rather than when you sell your property.

Pension funds will exist only to pay rates and land taxes when people are retired. So much for just needing money for food and power when out of work.

The whole review so far is very dismal. No mention that the Public Service has risen by over 10,000 new staff since 2000. No mention of the huge waste of money on non-core activities and how we need to cut those first.

Just add more tax.