Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More tossers

Speaking of tossers, following in a vein similar to the previous post, here are a couple more.

The eco-dinosaur seriously gets his nose out of joint for not getting an invite to opening proceedings. Serves him right for wasting reams of ratepayer monies over the last decade wanting to socially engineer another slum out west.

And this tosser really takes the cake. Plays the race card, miffed at not getting a place at the Queen's Wharf design trough. Along with suggesting modern Orklund edifices must look like and operate within the Maori dynamic.

cultural and marae dynamics were needed for a welcoming zone like Queens Wharf

but as a principle there should be some Maori-Pacific input at judging whether it be Ngati Whatua or not

Prime stirrer of late, Ngarimu Blair puts his oar in attempting to justify why there should always be racially based judges at such events.


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