Monday, October 12, 2009

Water disincentives

Wellytown thieves that infest the council are discussing ways to further empty the ratepayers' wallet via increased water charges. Apparently with a 1% population growth, a new dam will be needed soon.
Water meters that charge households and businesses inflated prices for each drop they use could be introduced

Everyone gets a meter will cost $70M to install. Some suggest that cost not be recovered as the mere installation of a meter will reduce consumption by 15%. Guess who will pay for the exercise of installing the meters, but not using them for charging.
councils can't charge more than it is actually costing to provide the water so councils are not in a position [currently] to use charging as effectively as some would like, to drive behaviour

Another mooted option is increasing the current amount you pay for water. Currently the actual costs are divvied up between ratepayers. Some would like to add a (significant, no doubt) component over and above the current costs to steer usage into a saving mode. The above statement should scare ratepayers, for the council wallahs are obviously considering such moves. Nanny State to the fore.

Thieving bastards. Always looking for a way to increase your taxes.

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