Sunday, October 18, 2009

Harden Up!

Never much in the Sunday rags, usually just personalised opinionated spin on lukewarm regurgitated topics from earlier in the week, but one immediately caught my eye as I scanned the online offerings whilst kick starting the brain with a coffee hit this morning.

After the first good night's sleep in a week. Am on the lookout for the bastard who gave me the man flu, but the local apothecary did manage to find some very effective product with precursors in it. I digress, onto the subject of this post.
People often blame losing control on lack of money and stress. We say everyone can control themselves, it's a choice they make.

Granny notes there has been an noticeable increase in soft cock couples racing off to tell all to their counsellors about their money and stress woes.
there is an incentive to stay together - it's cheaper than setting up two new households

From one who is well into his third life sentence, I say harden up! And for the government, one could also suggest that there are huuuuge savings be had in this arena. Cut all the funding to agencies offering such counselling services. Let the would be ferals get on with life, FFS you do not need therapy with a counsellor!

ps 14 years is a life sentence in this country what with soft cock judiciary and early parole. The whole place has gone to the dogs.


CK sings from the same song sheet.

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