Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Predicting climate change using facts

Good old matelot Jimmy Cook was a very good chronicler of the weather during his worldwide travels and these have been stored away in the National Archives at Kew in the UK.
Captain James Cook’s weather reports, which he logged meticulously at noon each day on his voyages to unknown lands, are helping scientists to predict changes in the climate.

The daily WX reports are to be uploaded online and made available as a base set on which climate change predictions may be based.

There are gems like this:

Captain George McDougal, HMS Resolute, Arctic voyage, Jan 23, 1853

“The Quarter Master went outside on the floe to register the thermometers. . . In the act of reading off, his attention was attracted by a slight noise and his surprise maybe imagined when on looking round he observed a bear within five yards of him. His situation, to say the least of it, was not an enviable one, for one spring of the brute would have put an end to his registering thermometers forever. Thankfully the bear disappeared and we have the registers intact”

Maybe some well known warmists should be sent outside to register thermometers on a more regular basis...

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