Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Put it on the tab

Veda reports high spending baby boomers are fast running out options.
The statistics show the lifestyles of the Baby Boomers are coming home to roost - they are defaulting on debts mounted up over the years which they can now no longer service - the recession has seen many Baby Boomers lose their jobs while others have had their wealth eroded

Similar story over at the budgeting shops as jobless punters bet their shirts on the recession ending some time real soon.
The recession is largely responsible for a 25 per cent increase in the amount of debt clients at the Federation of Family Budgeting Services owe

The recession message has obviously not properly hit home as yet.

Can you ditch your drip feed, loans and mortgage(s) retaining the roof over your head, while being comfortable about stopping work for at least a year or so? If not, I hope that 50" plasma tv with the flash car and all your must have gizmos will give you the comfort you desire over the next few months.

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