Monday, October 26, 2009

Social engineering business as usual in your wallet

no longer pursuing the removal of the social, environmental and cultural "wellbeings" in the act that ... had pushed councils into providing services beyond their core role

Councils are destined to continue delivering central government activities onto ratepayers.

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide has backed off from law changes to stop councils getting involved in social policies ... and force them to focus on core activities

What are you doing Rodney? I thought you had the wherewithal to deliver, but I see you are another boy doing a man's job.

Labour infested councils will be laughing in your face as they expand on delivering central government social engineering at ratepayer expense. Transparency and accountability?

Bollocks, why do you bother, the 'general competence' farce continues unabated!


Anonymous said...

Put your glasses on and read the article again. geeees.
Rodney made it quite clear that it was the National Socialist Party that were insisting on keeping the social element and that without their support nothing was going to happen. So when the councils continue to spend and continue ti increase the cots to RATEPAYERS we know clearly that the National Govt. has supported the councils in their spendthrift ways just as they are doing in Govt with taxpayers money.
I despair that these people will never learn and we will finish up in the same state as NSW and other Aussie states. Run by socialism and corruption. Oh we are now, so we are.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, a mere technicality. Rodney is the LG Minister, he is the one who has failed, but as an obvious ACT supporter you would never admit such failings.