Thursday, October 08, 2009

Interesting stats

Cheers for the lurkers that got stuck into my blog over the past few days. Done wonders for my hit count.

Aug 1 to today shown.

Two posts stick out of th
e daily page loads. This one and this one. Not sure why the second one is still getting traffic from all over the world. And there are some real sickos regularly looking for animals and granny.

Most interesting is the lurkers resolving to government servers. And those are without doing any work on resolving IP addresses.
  • parliament.govt.nz
  • psvmas01.parliament.govt.nz
  • mail.horizons.govt.nz
  • Ministry Of Justice New Zealand
  • smtp.wbopdc.govt.nz
  • npm.avsec.govt.nz
  • owa.privacy.org.nz

One wonders if I might have pressed a few buttons too many mentioning helicopters of a certain type and questioning what now appears to be incompetent management of the operations.

Anyway cheers for the hits!


KG said...

Ha! Any time you think blogging doesn't make a difference, PM just remember those stats and where the lurkers are coming from.
"They" read the blogs all right, which is why it's so much fun to leave our lords and masters the occasional message.

Opinionated Mummy said...

I have a very naive question. How do you work out which servers are accessing your site? I'm on Statcounter and Technorati but can't for the life of me work out how more intelligent people know this. Any light you can shine is appreciated.

By the way, I'm really enjoying your blogs. Having a good read of them tonight and have added you to my regular reads now. Don't know what took me so long to do that. Many thanks.


PM of NZ said...

OM, Glad to have you over here. Nothing such as a naive question on computers. I know, I teach new users how to use them from scratch part time. I learn something new everyday with them.

On Statcounter under Visitor Paths it lists your users by IP addresses. Some of these address numbers resolve into plain english domain names automatically - that is what I was using. Repeat visitors on your site will show up under the numbers because statcounter will have stuck a cookie on their machine. This works for a lot of broadband users who never clear their cookies and their broadband modems are on 24x7 with the same IP address. Not so with dialup or wireless connections like me, different IP address everytime. Plus I don't help counter matters by clearing my cookies all the time.

Further down in Statcounter you can enter the actual IP address numbers under Lookup IP Address to attempt to resolve the location of the server with that address. You also take a punt on an IP number via a search on Google - may work sometimes.

A lot of IP resolution is seat of pants stuff, but after a while you can make a pretty good educated guess that certain servers with similar IP addresses will be co-located at the same site.

Hope this helps, glad to be of help. Feel free to ask.

Opinionated Mummy said...

Thank you, PM of NZ. What a great reply. I didn't really notice that there was more to Stat Counter. I'll need more time to go through it now!

Quite intriguing.

Many thanks,