Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flip-flopping Key changes mind again

Prime Minister John Key has intervened in the rugby television rights row, issuing a directive that Maori TV will be the lead bidder

I wonder what he has traded with the separatists for this change of direction? His leash is being tightened daily by minorities bleeding this country dry. What a bloody farce this counter bidding war has become as we open the coffers to the IRB.

The flip-flop colour is appropriate for Liarbour-Lite.


Anonymous said...

Did you tick National last year? I'm fast regretting it, where is Helen when you need her?

KG said...

Spot-on PM. I just put up a pretty angry post about this--if I'd wanted to be governed by the Maori Party I'd have voted for them.
Key has effectively delivered Kiwis who loathe separatism into their hands.

PM of NZ said...


Saw yours, I wonder what next? Sharples will be all over Te News gloating that he has won yet again.

Who is running this country? National or the separatists?

Saw your other post earlier, suspect flags will become an issue here again real soon. Likely to be compulsory for us fly one, just the wrong colours though, as John Boy has that decision made for him too. Just before Feb 6th I'd guess.

PM of NZ said...

Anon 1553,

I would never stoop so low as to vote for the corrupt Liarbour, but the choices are limited.

Winston will do well the way John Boy is heading.

KG said...

I suspect you're right about the flag issue PM--Key has caved in to the separatists on everything else, so why stop now?

Anonymous said...

And National arn't corrupt? Isn't this the same kind of thing. I still want Helen back, at least she was made of strong stuff and had integrity.