Friday, October 09, 2009

MPs' still snout deep in rort

We're disappointed that we made a mistake

The investment in houses had been to provide "ethical investment"

Ethics and politicians??? Get real! We've just seen this week where such motives get MPs with one of their own having the ignominy of being the first NZ MP to be proven corrupt. I can only hope that others who aided and abetted the criminal are also taken to task. Enough of that off-track line of thought.

Green MPs from outside Wellington will now have to rent commercially which could cost more money

Giving the taxpayer warning that now their thieving MPs' will be claiming market rates, whilst trying to salve their collective consciences. I do wonder how many times they did not get caught snout deep in the last twelve years. Just got caught this time? Time for a Tui.

Never any thought that a component of the excessive base pay of an MP might actually cover such expenses as out of town accommodation. Oh no, silly me, base pay is sacrosanct, the taxpayer can stump up on expenses and pay for all their accommodation. Remember these thieves write the rules to suit themselves.

What a bloody rort.

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ZenTiger said...

If Green MPs "have to rent commercially" I wonder if they will share the flat to reduce costs, and claim less from Parliamentary Service for it?