Sunday, October 18, 2009

Community Alert: Jellyfish seen around 'no risk' fatal drain

One day on, we witness the ducking for cover as the legal niceties of negligence are possibly coming home to roost.
  • Housing NZ - teenage children who were not endangered
  • HNZ and the Waitakere City Council - both alerted about the cover which came off during poor weather
  • HNZ - had fulfilled its responsibilities by informing Waitakere City Council
  • HNZ - it would take time to fix the problem as negotiations around who would pay the repair bill needed to be carried out
  • Labour Department - has previously been reported as saying it was not carrying out any specific inquiry
  • Labour Department - might look at whether workers were put at risk by the unsecure manhole
  • Labour Department - tries to blame homeowner over a council drain - "homeowners should ensure they "take a safety-first approach" and address any issue which could lead to injury or death"

Unbelievable! An orchestrated litany of arse covering by spineless jellyfish. IMO multiple manslaughter charges would be a more appropriate course of action at this time.

Waitakere City Council spokesman Wally Thomas said a report into how the local authority handled complaints about the manhole was due before the end of the month.

It was being carried out by "council staff" but would be reviewed by an external company before release.

And that really takes the cake. An internal investigation, reviewed by council legals, before Joe Ratepayer gets to see a sanitised and disinfected report in sunlight. Leaky homes anyone?

Won't someone stand up? Where is Mayor Bob???


pdm said...

I have a couple of questions.

1. Have they put the cover back on?
2. If they have - is it secure?


3. Are they still arguing about whose job it is to put it on.

Kevin said...

I had been a resident there, a pallet chucked over the dud manhole cover would have a been a temporary fixit... but anyway