Monday, November 16, 2009


Numbers like that make my eyes glaze over. I had to Google what a billion actually was. (Just to give some sense of scale - 1 billion seconds is almost 32 years)

Somebody wake me up and remind me just how little old New Zealand became liable for this GoreBull. So many zeroes that even the gummint wallahs cannot compute the numbers. That is $27,500.00 for every single one of us here in Godzone.

The yellow nuclear furnace that dictates our climate hopefully will still rise in the east tomorrow and irradiate this new world order bullshit.

HT Crusader Rabbit


KG said...

Again, this morning Adolf is defending the Nats negotiating special conditions and exemptions for the separatists, in return for their vote........

KG said...

And I see he's attacking 'lame-brained bloggers' for criticising it, without mentioning any by name. At the time his post went up as far as I know Crusader Rabbit was the only blog to mention the TV3 report.
It'd be nice if he had the cojones to come into CR and make the same comments under that post.