Sunday, November 08, 2009

Apologists all round

Apologist #1.

"I have shown poor judgement. For that I am very sorry,"

"I accept that I have failed to live up to the important principle that I have set, that politicians should always remember that they are spending taxpayers' money, and therefore must spend it carefully."

Although a mea culpa might help Rodders short term, the fact remains he is just another troughing politician. I'll believe you when politicians are no longer able to take spouses on work trips and no longer have a lifetime entitlement to subsidised travel post-employment.

Apologist #2.

He has apologised to the party for any harm be caused with his offensive language but not for the sentiment behind it
The reason we persist is because of his potential. I think he will find a way to apologise to the nation, we will help him do that

After Hone's outburst, no amount of apologies will ever fix this racist politician.

And for the last apologist.
Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres received more than 20 complaints about the email but said yesterday Mr Harawira's language did not breach to Human Rights Act.

the language was offensive but it was freedom of speech and not action would be taken over it.

This apologist needs to be tested for colour-blindness.

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pdm said...

Have you seen Claire Trevits articles in todays Herald? Sorry I cannot link.

I emaild her on Hides and asked if she was now going to go after Peters and Dunne for unpaid money stolen in 2005 or if she just went after soft targets.