Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Frightening the horses and it's only Wednesday!

Our illustrious leader is having a great week. [Insert Tui about here]

new-look ETS would cost the average farmer only $3000 a year for "agricultural methane and nitrous oxide"

Key tells farmers to stop whinging

disagrees there was too much political interference over Maori Television's (MTS) bid to broadcast the free-to-air Rugby World Cup games

Key says the RWC farce is not political

he will not meet the Dalai Lama when he visits New Zealand next month

Key has seen enough of Asian dragons at APEC and caves into political pressure from China

he is not going to Copenhagen, as he says the meeting will not produce any resolution of the climate change issue

Key tells a thespian to bog off

It's been a rough week so far, wonder what the rest of the week will bring?


Alf Grumble said...

Aren't you being a bit harsh about the $3000 figure The Boss gave to Federated Farmers. Under Labour's scheme it was reckoned to be a $30,000 burden by the year 2030. A few weeks ago Ag Minister David Carter was saying National's changes would lop that to (roughly) $4000-$8000. Now it's down to $3000. Give it a few more weeks and we'll be promising that farmers won't have to pay a cent and - who knows? - might even receive cash from the Government. Alas, it's a fair bet I won't be around in 2030 to check these changing expectations against the harsh realities.

PM of NZ said...

Trouble is Alf, these snake-oil merchants haven't got a clue what it is going to cost today, tomorrow or in 2030.

The only thing they see is the climate change bandwagon as a source of taxpayer readies if they sell the doom and gloom aspect.

In 2030, I hope I will be receiving my super cash pittance from the government, but the odds are that I will be a statistic filling out the lower end of the life-expectancy bell-curve.

Who knows, by then the government of the day may be paying humans to stop farting in the name of climate change GoreBull.