Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Focussed on Antarctica

In these modern times where all manner of spy satellites and the like, criss-cross our skies by the hour snapping pics of this and that, the level of detail available is awesome. Some satellites even probe to show high levels sub-surface detail.

So much so, that scientists can even pronounce reefs as icebergs on a rough weather day.

Antarctica has always had no doubt more than its fair share of focus as it is a veritable goldmine of information being such a pristine and massive but harsh icy continent.

What really amazes me is just this week we suddenly hear the the ice shelves are disintegrating at hitherto unknown rates. Faster than ever seen before. Funny how it wasn't news last week or last year, ice of that volume just doesn't melt overnight.

The mind of a cynic could suggest such bleatings by cornered climatologists have had this well spun climate propaganda press release awaiting in the can so to speak, ever ready to sway non-believing skeptics and chattering masses, just in case of events such as the unfolding Climategate.

What say you? I know which way my cynical mind takes me on these matters.

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KG said...

"Cynical"? Not at all.
'Cynic' is what an idealist calls a realist.