Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apology NOT accepted

denied that he was attacking all Pakeha

Making a conditional apology on some backwater radio station does not cut the mustard.

The fact remains that this so called representative of New Zealand, in his own words, 'does not resile' from the intent of the statement, irrespective of the language used to to convey the message.

Time for you to act John Boy.


KG said...

"Time for you to act John Boy."

You know he won't. When Key speaks about 'flexibility' he's describing his own principles. "You don't like my principles? I have others..."

KG said...

This is unbelievable.. Adolf is still hewing to the line that Key can't do anything!

PM of NZ said...

I noticed KG. I've been over there and stuck my oar in. Time JK grew some and became decisive, not the smiling goon trying to please all.

Anonymous said...

Adolt would defent JK if JK had made tose statements, it really is sickenng. JK doesn't care though does it, he doesn't need to do anything, not with being sickenly popular. This honeymoon is getting to be a douible edged sword.