Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Dominion Post tells lies

An article this morning in the Dominion Post on the Manawatu Sewer with an accompanying picture purporting to be a pic of the Manawatu River. It is in fact a northward looking picture of a section of the Pohangina River around the rail bridge at 40 17 53S 175 45 57E. The Pohangina is part of the Manawatu catchment, but from the article, you would never know.

Also, for today's piece of useless info, the Manawatu River is the only river in the world that rises on one side of a range of hills and discharges to sea on on the opposite side of the source ranges.

Never ever believe what is served up as fact in the MSM for repeaters are often caught out letting a good story get in the way of truth.


Inventory2 said...

Interesting observation PM - when I first looked at the photo, I thought it must have been taken from the ranges side of the Ashhurst bridge, but I'm prepared to bow to your superior knowledge of these things.

Still, after years of having to endure my Palmy friends dissing the mighty Whanganui River, revenge is sweet!

Oswald Bastable said...

I though that pic was wrong too!

Pique Oil said...

PM has it absolutely correct. The river in the picture is the Pohangina. It enters the Manawatu just at the bottom right of the picture. The gorge is also just to the right of the picture.
What else should we expect from the dead tree media? Accuracy honesty and truth?

pdm said...

I haven't seen the DomPost photo but recognise the river and general area.

INV2 sad to say but the Manawatu is pristine compared to the lower reaches of the Whanganui River - or should that be Wanganui River.

Anonymous said...
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