Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ladies For Hire

Whilst Hone explains away his intake of Parisienne culture by slagging off another culture, I went for a slightly different intake of culture last night in that cultured city, Palmerston North. And I paid for my seat.

You see, last night was the final dress rehearsal for the Alison Quigan show at Centrepoint and open to the paying public. From their promo:
These women have sung it all! Christenings, weddings, funerals, they’ve seen them all come and go – the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

But then a new priest is introduced to the parish. Good looking, but a priest – and therefore off limits. He wants a new choir – he wants something to impress the Bishop… and these gals aren’t it.

Without telling you the plot, an aptly named entertainingly funny show as the choir explores their various talents leading up to Christmas. I went along with a large work group - all were well entertained.

More detail and ticket link here. Opens tonight, goes to 19 Dec.


pdm said...

With Oringi closed (or has it reopened) I didn't think Dannevirke would have any firms big enough to produce a `large work group'. lol.

PM of NZ said...

Cheeky bugger pdm. There are a more than a few 'large' employers left in town, some still with more than 50+ employees.

No, Oringi hasn't reopened as a meatworks, but it has been rebranded and is operating as a business park run by Scanpower, the local electrical lines company.

See www.oringipark.co.nz

pdm said...

Is the Woollen Mill on Weber road still going/

PM of NZ said...

Not sure about Feltex Wool Spinners, haven't been down that way lately. I thought it had a reprieve recently, only to be canned just after Oringi closed.

PM of NZ said...

The Feltex fallout continues.