Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lady Thatcher passes on

Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, had received the news that “Lady Thatcher had passed away”

Enough to kill the dinner conversation. No doubt would put Fairfacts Media into mourning his 'Iron Lady' .

Chaotic, yes. Alas, it was only a moggie, not 84 year old Maggie.



Yes, I read that story too, PM of NZ.
I would be in deep and severe mourning had it been the real lioness.

homepaddock said...

You got me with the headline but wondered why Lady rather than Baroness.

real estate agent in Toronto said...

Oh my, I was genuinely shocked when I read about this. Glad it's not true and Margaret Thatcher is alive. How much chaos and confusion can one message cause, right?