Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All I got was this flag

As the Nats shaft non-Maori NZ and Maori alike, Key viciously twists the knife, agreeing to flying the separatists flag. The pic says it all, crumbs at the table for politics.

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Ayrdale said...

Like many others I'm still waiting for the grand strategy to unfold between National and the Maori party. I thought that it must be a breathtaking tourism venture that created thousands of Maori jobs. (Key is the minister of tourism isn't he ?)Then I thought that Pita Sharples might secretly be politically aware (aware that is, that long term social welfare handouts condemn the recipients to slavery.) But no sign of such thinking yet. So what is/are the ties that bind ? Just a love of political power for its own sake ?

Hope not.