Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yealands reaches for the plonkers plastic

Yealands Estate owner Peter Yealand says about 10% of his sauvignon blanc will be sold in plastic bottles within the next two years.

He says the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles weigh just 50g compared with a 500g glass bottle, which makes it better for the environment.

"I'm aiming to be the most sustainable wine producer in the world, and as part of our goal we look at ways that we can move towards achieving that."

Mr Yealand says a lot of energy is wasted moving heavy weight glass throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

Yealands starts bottling plonk in PET plastic bottles.

At the moment it's only sav blanc cats pee, but I suspect with the multitudes of global warmist plonkers that abound
in these enlightened carbon-free days, this disease will spread.

First it was ditch real corks, next we will be forced to drink a favoured rough rouge from Chateau du Cardboard. Hell, yes - BTDT. Always quantity for effect over quality with alcohol.



oh yuk! plastic wine.
I accept the screw caps now.
But even my $10 tipples should be in a glass bottle.

PM of NZ said...

FFM, Quite used to the screw caps - at least you can reseal the bottle properly for another slurp the next night or so.

Plastic? Practice for being a wino on the street when our socialist masters tip the real taxpayers out of their houses in the near future.

$10 tipples? To much style at your place! We make a point that the bottle shall not cost double digits. Most of the reds favoured by our palate meet that criteria.

And one is required to have a red regularly to help the dicky ticker along. If one remembers correctly, a daily glass is favoured, nothing was mentioned about the size of the glass. And currently the sub-$10 tipples still come in glass...