Monday, November 02, 2009

Keys sells out NZ

I think it's better to try and get some agreements

Agreements? No, he doesn't mean a new F&S law, he means to use the threat of non-repeal to bargain with the separatist Maori Party pawns.
the act would remain in place until an acceptable alternative was worked out in conjunction with coalition partners the Maori Party and iwi leaders

A real Judas, selling out NZ. One law for all is the only option.


KG said...

What a pity he's not working out an acceptable alternative with the people of New Zealand instead of with a pack of racists.

Anonymous said...

Key has also sold us out on the smacking debate, and the ETS. Why did you vote for him? I could see it a mile off, and yep, he's making history. It's about the glory and the power isn't it, and not about actually representing New Zealand or New Zealanders.


Anonymous said...

Even Helen did not sink to this level, it many ways, I believe she had loads more integrity, and didn't give a toss about being popular and in the sun, Key is becoming so cheesy guys!