Friday, November 06, 2009

Another bloody tax

On my latest rate bills from the Westie eco-dinosaur - a new tax of $4.50 marked as 'Rugby World Cup Levy'. That's for one rating period, so I suppose it will be $27 for a year per property. For what, you may ask. I was wondering the same. Someone remind me how are the thieves at Waitakere involved with Eden Park and chasing leather?

Levy? Like hell, it is yet another bloody tax. Call a spade a spade, not some euphemism.

Thieving bastards.


Murray said...

You expecting to get much trade in the outback of Dannevirke transiting from Jafaland are you?

PM of NZ said...

None expected here, like none is expected out West by my westie tenants. The RWC / Eden Park charade is purely a government/IRB farce foisted upon ratepayers.