Monday, November 23, 2009

Every man (and woman) has his/her price

It's disconcerting to realize that legislative actions this nation is preparing to take, and which will cost trillions of dollars, are based upon a view of climate that has not been completely scientifically tested.

It may not be trillions here in New Zealand, but we have a government hell bent on continuing the carbon trading farce, about to go into urgency on its latest emissions trading incarnation.

Oh, and something that other countries will not have - the hasty legislation is a racist deal stitched up with the separatist Maori Party. It even includes a further home insulation bribe for low income houses and wait for it, includes an insidious reference to that all pervasive piece of legislation that enables the separatists, the TOW. Even staunch opposers can be purchased.

I suppose I can be thankful at least one MP has not folded on the issue.

HT Ayrdale

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