Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Emission Trading Scam Passes

A few minutes ago the Emissions Trading Scam passed its third reading.

A racist piece of legislation favouring those of a certain colour whilst shafting the whole New Zealand economy in the name of the 'noo religion', climate change.

The most telling part is the stitched up arrangement between National and the Maori Party. As Shane Jones says 'the great white National shark has just swallowed the Maori Party minnow'. I believe Hone will now go feral and the Maori Party will meltdown. Standby for Queen Titewhai raising the Maori sovereignty flag at Waitangi in a couple of months.

In four short years, National has gone from Iwi/Kiwi hero to an apartheid enabler.

A truly sorry day for New Zealand.