Sunday, April 13, 2008

3rd Party Tax coming soon

Imported MP Duynhoven must be getting a large pension and kickbacks from the insurance industry. He keeps trotting out his 3rd party tax will cure all driving ills every time he gets near a microphone.

There is no need for another tax on motorists. I make the decision to drive without insurance in my old dunger and drive accordingly. So what if a flash motor dings me - their problem, I will sue or write it off. If I ding them, their insurance will pay. After all that is why they pay the expensive premium, to cover a risk. If the cost is too high for insurance companies, supply and demand will raise the premiums. Their problem.

What next, compulsory insurance on my house? Compulsory public liability insurance in case the postie gets savaged by my mongrel at the letterbox?

Take your unwanted tax and stick it.

Been here before. Here also.

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