Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More nonsense in Local Government

Orklund Robbery Company commonly known as the ARC has put up a possible solution up for the local government shakeup. It is heading in the right direction but not far enough and unfortunately still has a Maorimander content.

Calling the new entity 'The Greater Orklund Authority', and like the Orklund City Council proposal before, they want to preserve the status quo for most currently dining at the ratepayer trough. However the ARC proposal ditches the councils, creates 21x community councils and extends their own powers as well as having 3x racially based seats included on top. Far too many - a slash and burn approach is necessary to hack into the bureaucracy. Ditch the Maorimander component, all have the same voting rights.

The only option for Orklund is ONE council, with minimal personnel, for the whole area from Kaiwaka to Bombay. As I have blogged many times before, no matter what you call your parochial territories within, there is only ONE city in JafaLand as far as the rest of NZ and the world is concerned.

Basic areas are Rural North and South, Urban North, South, East and West plus the overarching whole of region. 6x community areas altogether, finish, end of game. One elected member each, chair elected from these members and called Mayor. Local community board feeds input to elected member.

The sooner we get politics and parochialism out of local government nationwide, the better for my wallet as a ratepayer. Impartiality and freedom from central government politics needs to be a necessary component of getting onto a council.

Greg McKeown sums it up better than I can put it
Three councils would leave us with the same set of problems we have today. It would be an ugly compromise Auckland cannot afford the royal commission to make. With one council Auckland will be able to better co-ordinate its long range plans and delivery of the big ticket items, it will also be able to more productively co-ordinate its plans with central government

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