Sunday, April 13, 2008

'Family Meltdown' has wrecked our society

Things like legalising prostitution, civil unions and homosexuality have all dramatically made their mark on our local and global societies, but none so much as the breakdown of families.

A senior judge launched an astonishing attack on the Government today over the fracturing of society.

During a conference speech the judge warned the breakdown of the family would, within 20 years, “be as marked and as destructive as global warming”.

The judge, said that in urban areas family life was “in meltdown or completely unrecognisable”.

He said children born into broken homes were increasingly turning to drink, drugs and crime, and the results were affecting the mental health of parents and children across the country.

Venting his personal views, which he maintained many in the family law profession supported, he added: “In some of the more heavily-populated urban areas of the country family life is, quite frankly, in meltdown or completely unrecognisable.”

“In some areas of the country even including the more urban parts of the sleepy area in which I operate, family life in the old sense no longer exists.

“So I suggest the general collapse of ordinary family life, because of the breakdown of families, in this country is on a scale, depth and breadth which few of us could have imagined even a decade ago.”

“What is certain is that almost all of society’s social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life.”

He said he was not criticising single parents and praised some of them.

A telling note confirming what we already see from one apparently in the know.

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