Monday, April 07, 2008

NZ no longer a democracy

Ain't that the truth?

OK, we have known that for a long time, having been on the receiving end when minorities form corrupt governments after purchasing their way onto Treasury benches. Only it has been confirmed today by someone who should know, ex Liarbour PM Mike Moore.
New Zealand had "unusual" coalitions due to MMP and was no longer a parliamentary democracy

Because of such corrupt arrangements to retain the controlling cabal, mixed messages are going out to the world regarding NZ's stance over the FTA vs human rights which may in future bite us.

The various positions of the minor parties exposed the systemic problems within New Zealand's political system.

Leaders and investors I speak to overseas are rightly confused by the conflicting messages our politicians are sending
Usually forthright on such matters, the fence is firmly jammed where the light does not shine over the FTA as the main players play both sides of the fence and do not take the requisite stand on human rights. Such a stance may well backfire on future trade arrangements with other countries because those same other countries we can and do trade with are rightly strongly vocal and concerned over such matters. But, for how much longer?

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