Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear Bastard,

A well written open letter to the EPMU from No Minister expressing disgust at the new homegrown industry which will be rampant under the FTA - Job Exports.

Dear Bastard

When I joined your union, I thought you were my friend. I naively imagined you would be working in my interests but I was wrong. Your organization has turned out to be the architect of my financial ruin as you have sought to put the job security and working conditions of the Labour Party before the wellbeing of me and my fellow workers.

You have taken my union fees and instead of advocating for me you have used my money to work for a Labour Party, comprised largely of overpaid bloated upper class rich pricks, which has willfully boosted government spending on election bribes to such an extent that inflation is now out of control, driving up interest rates which, in turn, have driven up our exchange rate over this past five years to the extent that our employer has been forced to export our jobs in order to remain competitive.

What hurts me most is the realisation that their cavalier and profligate spending went on EVEN THOUGH you and they both knew at the time that your actions would cost me my job. Treasury warned you of the effect on inflation of free student loan interest and working for families. Then you and they pushed all sorts of compulsory cost increases onto my employer - things like Kiwisaver contributions, an extra week's annual leave, maternity leave and others.

Did you never once hold up your hand during one of those cosy Labour Council meetings and advocate for me? Did you not understand that all these so-called extra benefits are worthless if I don't a job? The least you could do now, is to return to me that portion of my union dues you have skimmed off for Labour.

I see your fundamental dishonesty and conflicted loyalties continue as you attempt to register my union as a 'third party' so that you can continue to encourage your friends to destroy more jobs in New Zealand.

Well Mr Little, I hope you are pleased with your work. You have taken my money and now you have taken my job but, my hell, never again will you get my vote.

Yours in disgust

New National Party Member.

All unions would do well to take note. Unions have no place in a modern workforce, aiming for productivity gains.

Well said Adolf.

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