Thursday, April 03, 2008

Comment of the day

As expected, Winnie has resorted to bash the immigrant tactics to bolster his flagging polictical fortunes. No longer prime media fodder other than taking the war to those who buy ink by the truckload, he has reverted to type.

I was looking at some commentary on the topic over the last few hours and found this comment from late last night on KB. Participants had been consuming top-shelf on the taxpayer bfore this question was aired...

‘i do have one political question, winston.’

‘whassthat then?’

‘Why do people like you hate my Asian brothers and sisters?

You drink with me, but then want to send me back to China?


Is it because we’re more successful than a washed up lawyer in a taxpayer-funded suit?’

Needless to say the reaction was explosive and sums up Winnie to a T.

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