Saturday, April 12, 2008

About time

The blue team are finally showing some gumption, taking the Electoral Commission to court to
sort out why a union that is joined at the hip to Liarbour is allowed to apply to be a third party.

The union is getting uppity (must be an election afoot) and retorts
Last night, EPMU national secretary Andrew Little said he suspected National's strategy was to tie up the union with the costs of a legal case.

He said National would also need to explain to taxpayers why it was going to tie up the Electoral Commission in expensive High Court litigation.

The EC in not having the guts to definitively stop the EFA farce, while it acts for all to see as a Liarbour patsy, deserves everything it gets.

The unions maybe need to answer a question or two.

Why does a union need to tell anybody but it's paid up membership about matters electoral or any matter at all?

Do unions only exist to be
a stalking horse for Liarbour ideology?

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