Monday, April 07, 2008

Toothless Electoral Commission

Lee C has summarised the current state of play on recent decisions by the toothless Electoral Commission and asks the question 'Why do they exist at all?'
The Electoral Commission's finding is a victory for parity of treatment for all who wish to be involved in the political process.

It judges on a Law which Labour wrote and voted for without cross-party involvement (ie National were barred from the debate).

Labour cannot even now claim that the badly written Law was perverted or corrupted by the National Party's involvement.

It now turns out it was so badly written, so little consulted, and so shallowly partisan in its execution, that it has given its political opponents the very thing it set out to erradicate: covert practices, unlimited access to money to influence elections and an open cheque-book to 'rich-pricks' to 'buy elections', while at the same time, drawing public scrutiny onto union involvement in Labour's election spending.

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