Friday, April 11, 2008

Landlord regulation imminent

With MP Maryan Street still desperate to get a failed bill through, she has been visiting 'squalid' boarding houses looking for votes. A '90-day plan' of inaction, with yet another report, has been mooted by those at the trough to garner more votes when released just prior to an election.
new push to regulate all "slum landlords"

Regulation of these privately owned premises she says, is so we can control them.
If there are slum landlords out there, we want the Residential Tenancies Act to be able to get them.

Yes, sheeple, we cannot have potential voters living like this in an election year, so tours are being conducted, with media in tow for prime time fodder. Yes, the corrupt red machine is cranking up to buy yet another election in deepest South Orklund.

Watch this space, once passed, the next 'minor' change will be any WINZ client in receipt of a benefit or the IRD redistribution tax WFF paying rent will require the private landlord to be regulated, registered and otherwise succumb to bureaucracy without any compensation for loss of property rights. No normal business tax write-offs for residential rental properties if the landlord does not comply. And maybe a whole ministry required to administer this very necessary regime.

The Nats see it slightly differently.
There is no doubt we have to come down harder on bad-news landlords, but the minister should be looking at her own backyard in Housing NZ where a lot of people live in squalor

Oh, yeah, bring on the election. 6 months to go!

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