Monday, April 07, 2008

Government on spin cycle

Cang'zhoigar said that the country's preferential policies had helped her family. A housing program that began in 2006 enabled her family to build a two-story, seven-bedroom house with a subsidy of 14,000 yuan (about 1,870 U.S. dollars). They also had aone-hectare farm that was tax-exempt, with a government fertilizer allowance.

Very nice, the all providing socialist state machine is to be muchly thanked for all in her life. All is sweetness and light till this headache.
Cang'zhoigar was named as a suspect in the riot that killed five people, destroyed 23 shops, burned a house and two fire engines, and smashed a police car.

"On that night, I heard people shouting loudly outside and I joined them, hurling stones at police officers and destroying shops," said Cang'zhoigar, a mother of two.

Yes, she is now a named criminal against the state for wishing to throw out the foreign Chinese overlords who infest Tibet with their version of democracy. So much repenting is going on she now says
"I didn't know what was going on but followed their suit blindly. I really regret it," she said tearfully.

Yes, the errors of her ways have been obviously pointed out so she is now the poster child for the state on spin cycle.

My guess is we will hear no more of her as her state given house and the free fertiliser subsidy for the farm is removed and her family instead receives a bill for a lead aspirin to cure her headache.

I suppose this is their version of the the 'sub-prime' mortgage scenario over there, where the state forecloses the mortgage for you when you are not a 'good' borrower.


Yet more - on high speed spin over here. I wonder what WOBH would make of the IP addresses freely given here as being from 'good' netizens?

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