Friday, April 11, 2008

Another soft sentence

On the Mainland, yet another soft sentence is issued from the ivory towers.

All the boxes were ticked, but still no jail.
  • Returned to photograph own handi-work (and got snapped)
  • 'Sneaky, cowardly' crime
  • Not just once
  • Absurd and prolonged bout of vandalism
  • Deliberate and intentional
  • Vainity and stupidity ruled
  • Misguided belief scribblings were art (can't help that, the good Dr K thinks the same)
  • Did not want to attend restorative justice (Excuse me, isn't he the criminal?)
  • Felt more OK doing it on public property, but included private as well
  • Did not offer or give apology
  • Night time menace
  • Thought actions were justifiable
  • Offender who only repented when caught
This menace needs to do time. I feel sure others would agree.


Pablo Neruda said...

Time to think whether you want to spend your tax dollars to have this kid sit in jail, most likely causing him to come out worse and commit worse acts than vandalism.

It's too bad he didn't want to do restorative justice... He should start taking accountability for his actions. Graffiti art if done in a legitimate venue can create revenue for the artist and deter lower-level "tagging". Obviously I've never seen this individual's work, but a good graf-art mural can be a beautiful thing, as long as it has the property owners consent.

This kid should be educated on legitimate venues for his art, not sitting in prison with criminals who will make him worse.

PM of NZ said...


Since in this PC world of ours we are not allowed to sort such a toerag with what he desperately requires ie a cuff round the lughole and a size 10 up the jacksi. Soft sentencing and detention homestays are not effective options.

A short sharp lesson that certain actions will have have certain reactions such as lag are the only way to deal with such menaces.

Your argument re taxes required to look after those incarcerated does not hold water. Who do you think funds the bureaucracy that administers the joke that is community service or detentive homestays? At least when inside, hopefully if WINZ gets it act together, they are not uplifting the dole.