Tuesday, April 29, 2008

She'll be right - it's only the truth

The publically funded ACC is about to bombard us with tales of near misses at our expense in the name of keeping the grim reaper at bay in our rural communities.
ACC is using the true stories of injured farmers who want to help others learn from their mistakes

Pity Granny couldn't also use some truth in reporting the ACC advertising campaign, which I suspect in an election year might be a very necessary expense being 'good for me'.

Yes, Granny has a reasonable article about inherent dangers down on the farm, but then all storyline credibility is ditched, like the tractor in the above picture.

In the incident related to this picture, the farmer was doing everything right and was reported as uninjured after taking evasive action. I remember seeing the whole picture (in the video) and I believe the fault lay with the driver of the other vehicle.

So Granny, do not use cropped pictures that look good in online copy, but do not tell the whole truth.

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