Thursday, April 03, 2008

Queen of soaps 30 years old

That Yank soap we all loved to hate celebrated thirty years since it's first airing yesterday. Yes, it seems not so long ago we watched JR's every move as it had us on the edge of our seats. Dallas was so successful as a soap, many others still emulate the style, particularly end of season cliffhangers.

Here is a shortened summary of the top ten best, bitchiest, big-haired moments. Full summary in article.

10 The credits

What a ballsy, big, great tune. Every season to the end, the music got better, the titles longer. The song remains the ultimate theme tune.

9 JR getting shot

The ultimate soap cliffhanger: a darkened room, a list of suspects as long as a Southfork fence and a gunshot.

8 Sue Ellen drinking

Pick a moment. A true Sue Ellen signature and fun to impersonate when inebriated yourself. Make yourself cross-eyed for the full effect.

7 Sue Ellen getting carted off to the sanatorium

The ultimate Sue Ellen as victim moment.

6 The Oil Barons' Ball/Ewing barbecue

Each season of Dallas had to have one.

5 Pam slaps Katherine

Katharine Wentworth, schemer and plotter, was found out by sister Pam who gave her a well-deserved wallop.

4 The different Miss Ellie

It was so very wrong. Donna Reed joined the show, replacing Barbara Bel Geddes.

3 Bobby is killed and rises again/The Dream

After Pam slapped Katherine, Bobby was mown down by Katherine in a fit of rage. Next season Bobby is alive, Pam had dreamt the entire preceding season. Many fans gave up on the show at this point, the fools - its final years got way trashier.

2 Pam dies /comes back

This wasn't a dream. But she was reincarnated.

1 The end?

JR is shown what life would have been like without him. A shot rings out. Bobby walks in and says, "Oh my God". The question is left hanging, did JR kill himself? The ultimate cliffhanger.

Soapie drivel at its very best, it was entertaining.

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Yes, I loved Dallas too.
But yes, they blew when Bobby appeared in nthe shower.
JR was a brilliant character.
I've always had a soft spot for the baddies.