Sunday, April 13, 2008

Drug company trying kill people again

The drug company, Parexel, that tried kill some Kiwi lab volunteers with unpredicted multiple organ failures a few years ago, has hospitalised more test subjects in a new trial reported here.

News of the new trial has angered lawyers and victims of the earlier experiment.

They say Parexel has never accepted responsibility for the disaster nor assured the public it has taken steps to prevent a similar tragedy happening again.

Martin Day, of solicitors Leigh Day who are acting for four of the victims, said: “This is widely acknowledged to be the worst drug trial disaster in living memory.

“Parexel has never apologised or accepted liability although the case against them in terms of negligence is overwhelming.

“It’s appalling that despite this the US company can come over here to use our people in this way. Until they publicise the fact they have learned lessons, serious questions hang over whether they are fit to operate.”

Victims of the Elephant Man trial are still awaiting proper compensation. The company has so far given two interim payments of £10,000...

The company has been recently cleared of wrongdoing with a whitewash report.
The cause of the reactions was most likely “an unpredicted biological action of the drug in humans”.

Amazing that people will still subject themselves to this for money. Meanwhile one of the original volunteers is still really crook.

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