Friday, February 27, 2009

80:20 rule fairly applied

We are not a country of whiners. We are not a country of slackers. We are not a country of selfish individuals. We are a gritty little country with the smarts and determination needed to weather this storm.

John Boy's opener to 200 invited representing 80% of real-world production in NZ.

the summit "scares the hell out of bureaucracy"

And the unproductive, unwashed, unionised wonder why they didn't get an invite. So how did Laila get in?
a suggestion that a cycleway is built along the length of New Zealand to create jobs and boost tourism numbers

The unemployed unwashed and tree huggers will be well entertained building cycle tracks on the Central Plateau in the depths of a NZ winter on the minimum wage.

A very fair application of 80:20 I would have thought.

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