Saturday, February 21, 2009

High Noon at toxic Corrections

And who is going to blink first?
Mr Matthews said he believed that he personally had "nothing to fear" from an inquiry into who was accountable after a damning Auditor-General's report on how the department managed parole.

Not Barry. He has upped the ante be telling her indoors that he's there to stay. A couple of years to run on a $375K contract and super added in is going to look like a golden parachute if he is forced out early.
Leading employment lawyer John Haigh, QC, said it would now be "very difficult" for the Government if it wanted to remove Mr Matthews.

Big gun lawyers are lining up for the slice of the post-shootout action.
Ms Collins cannot sack Mr Matthews herself, but refusal to express confidence and blunt criticism of the department have been interpreted as a signal to his employer, the State Services Commissioner, that she cannot work with him.

Not her indoors. She has told him indirectly that he is a goneburger.
Mr Matthews said he did not believe Ms Collins was trying to get rid of him, and said he looked forward to working with her.

Bazza must be the only person in NZ that thinks that way.
Ms Collins said she was pleased Mr Matthews was staying on and acting in a professional way but could not comment on whether she had confidence in him until the State Services Commissioner reported back.

Ten days is not going to pass quickly.
Labour Corrections spokesman Clayton Cosgrove said Ms Collins' position had shifted significantly and it looked as if "this toxic relationship is going to have to co-exist".

As always Liarbour sees it differently through rose tints. Barry must be a card carrying member.

The tension is palpable.

Talk is cheap. I want to see the whites of their eyes with guns blazing as this new government stamps its authority on the Public Service and other Liarbour minions. Bugger the cost, bring it on.

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